Egg Donor Testimonials

(We are only including first names to protect
the anonymity of our donors)

" honor..."

It has really been an honor to be able to help someone create a family, and to know that even if I choose not to reproduce myself, my DNA is thriving out there somewhere.
Julie - egg donor, Tempe, AZ

"Because of us there are two more gay people out there!"

Knowing that our children exist has been so comforting. We are forever grateful to GG enterprises for their advise, help and support. This website provided us with three clinics in our area. We were careful to follow GG's instructions on what to tell them, and it worked, we were both accepted into all of the programs! Within weeks of applying to be egg donors we had both gotten calls from one of the clinics saying that recipient families had chosen us! Now we are ten thousand dollars richer, and even more importantly we know that our children are out there being raised by a nice wealthy family somewhere. We are free to work on our careers and live our lives, and someday when our children are ready to come out of the closet they will look us up! Because of us there are two more gay people out there!
Linda & Jeanne - egg donors, San Francisco, CA

"...gladly do this again..."

This whole process has gone by much quicker and been much easier than I thought. I would gladly do this again.
Heather - egg donor, Seattle, WA

"I felt totally prepared by this web site..."

I am so glad I went through this process. I felt totally prepared by this web site, so I knew what to expect and how to evade difficult questions about my sexual preference.
Mary - egg donor, Chicago, IL

"...a positive contribution to our culture"

Could you imagine a world with no gay people? I would never want to see such a place. I am just glad that I had the chance to do something about it. I don't think I will ever want to raise children of my own, so this option gave me the opportunity to make a positive contribution to our culture.
Sarah - egg donor, New York, NY

"...I was very glad to help."

I don't think any of us can take life for granted. I believe people need to love and share more in this world, so I was very glad to help further the gay agenda in any way I could.
June - egg donor, Newark, NJ

"...My donation process. It was such a breeze."

I just wanted to thank you for all your help during my donation process. It was such a breeze. I had no pain or discomfort and all the doctors I saw were so friendly. I would love to do this again. Once again thank you!
Meghann - egg donor, Cleveland, OH

"... a baby that is half me couldn't be a bad thing "

The money was some incentive but not the reason I became a donor. I see a lot of couples who really want a child and I know if I help someone have a child, the child will be loved despite any homophobia the parents may initially have. I am a great person, and a baby that is half me couldn't be a bad thing.
Rebecca - egg donor, Boston, MA

"...donating eggs was good for the cause..."

I never was confidential about being a donor. I was proud of my opportunity, and told anyone who would listen. Sometimes when I would talk about it to other dykes, they would respond with comments to the effect that they should do it too, because they sure could use the money. That was always frustrating to me because my whole point was that donating eggs was good for the cause - not my pocketbook!
Chrystal - egg donor, Portland, OR