Sperm Donor Testimonials

(We are only including first names to protect
the anonymity of our donors)

"... a truly great experience..."

This whole thing has been a truly great experience. I have helped someone create a family, been well paid for my time, and transgressed homophobic policy through a few acts of masturbation.
Mark - sperm donor, Los Angeles, CA

"…evaluate me for who I am instead of who I date."

This Website was tremendously helpful in explaining exactly how to go through this process as a gay man. Initially I felt a little uncomfortable about possible dishonesty, but come on, my sexual preferance should not be a relevant fact to the women who are looking for donors. Now they can evaluate me for who I am instead of who I date.
Craig - sperm donor, Austin, TX

"... an easy, effective act of resistance."

We have been following this homophobic FDA nonsense for some time. It just goes to prove that things are never as free and liberal as some of us seem to think they are. We both became sperm donors recently through one of the Cryobanks in the GG database. We want to encourage other gay men to do the same. It is an easy, effective act of resistance. Like they say, "don't allow your gay DNA to be left behind."
Bob and Joseph - sperm donors, Brooklyn, NY

"I felt totally prepared by this web site..."

I am so glad I went through this process. I felt totally prepared by this web site, so I knew what to expect and how to evade difficult questions about my sexual preference.
Jamal - Sperm donor, Chicago, IL

"... one of the few viable options "

I am a single gay man with few lesbian friends, and I am not getting any younger. Sperm donation seemed to be one of the few viable options left to me for having children. I can't tell you how relieved I feel now that I know my sperm has been used to create more than one child.
Joe - Sperm donor, Daytona, FL

"... building a gay future..."

I am just grateful that I could participate in building a gay future, and have a little fun while I was at it.
Alexandar - Sperm donor, Las Vegas, NV

"... I am a better candidate than most straight applicants… "

I know I am a better candidate than most straight applicants. I am a first year surgical resident with a high IQ, good body, and great personality, plus I am extremely safe. They are fools to consider excluding me simply because I sleep with guys. I am glad I didn't give them the opportunity.
Charlie - Sperm donor, San Francisco, CA

"... I can give something back"

I have been a member of GG for years, they have helped me so much, through some really difficult times. I am just glad I can give something back. This is such an important thing for each of us to do. After all that we have worked for it would be reprehensible for any of us to let gay culture die off through selfish inaction.
Jim - Sperm donor, Nashville, TN