Gay Gamete PROJECT
GG Enterprises Inc.

The Gay Gamete Project was developed as a means to ensure the genetic survival of homosexuality; to assure that the decline in homosexual procreation does not result in our eventual extinction.

Gay Gamete
is sponsored by GG Enterprises; an organization dedicated to the preservation of Gay culture, and the advancement of the Gay agenda. GG recognizes the intrinsic value of homosexuals as leaders in every strata of society. Gay individuals continue to refine and renew society.

Studies suggest that the Gay gene is linked to increased levels of intelligence, creativity, sensitivity, and leadership characteristics, as well as to decreases in criminal and violent behavior. It is our right and responsibility as members of Queer culture to ensure the survival of our race. Humanity can ill afford to loose the Gay gene.

More of us are currently able to live an Out Gay life now than at any other point in history. We no longer have to live within the oppressive hegemonic confines of heterosexual relationships. This also means that we are not forced to spend our lives and resources on the bearing, raising and supporting of children. The decision not to reproduce has given many Gay individuals the advantage of increased time and monetary resources. This strategy has in part helped to advance the Gay socio-economic position by increasing our consumer and political power. We should not sacrifice this advantage unnecessarily.

This freedom may be our downfall if it means that we are dooming ourselves to eventual extinction. We are having far fewer children than heterosexual couples, and as a result our Gay DNA is not being passed on at a competitive rate. Our community needs a long-term solution to ensure our future survival. We must develop and implement new methods of procreation outside of the normative heterosexual model. Recruitment is not enough.

We have devised a solution to end our reproductive crisis. We must sell our gametes to egg and sperm banks. These clinics are the location where our reproductive objectives can be achieved. In recent years sperm donation has been the primary method we have used to bear children. Lesbians have achieved pregnancy through the use of artificial Insemination with Gay sperm, increasing the likelihood that a Gay child will result. These admirable women have helped to insure a gay future. Unfortunately, this tactic has not produced sufficient numbers of offspring. GG proposes a more effective, targeted solution: We must use donor programs to implant our Gay eggs and sperm into heterosexual female bodies. These clinics can easily be infiltrated, distributing Gay DNA throughout the population. The gay children resulting from this action will offset our lack of "natural" reproduction.

Increasing infertility rates combined with technological advances in egg and sperm donation procedures have created an ever-increasing market for desirable gametes. As much as 33 % of heterosexual couples of childbearing age are infertile, and many can only reproduce through the use of donated gametes. Desperate infertile couples collectively spend over two billion dollars each year on infertility and ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) treatments. Above all, these heterosexual couples want the highest quality of offspring possible. When choosing a donor, they pick the candidate who possesses the most culturally desirable physical and genetic characteristics; who matches the recipient’s positive attributes as closely as possible. As prospective donors we tend to be more intelligent, attractive, talented, and better educated than our heterosexual counterparts. In all but sexual orientation, we are generally the most appealing donor applicants. If we insure that our sexual orientation is not a factor, we will likely be chosen over straight applicants. Now that heterosexual women's eggs are failing, and heterosexual men's sperm are weakening; our superior reproductive material can take their place.

Unfortunately, as a result of the homophobic guidelines promulgated by the AATB and CDC; both sperm and egg donation facilities systematically reject Gay applicants on the sole basis of their homosexuality. Until recently these guidelines have not been legally enforceable. In 1999 The FDA began the process of promulgating national regulations that would prohibit clinics from acceping homosexual applicants. Thanks to the work of several noble individuals, these regulations have been in dispute, and have not yet been put into law. The final decision is supposed to be announced by 2003, but unfortunately the outcome does not look promising. This discriminatory homophobic practice is shielded under the guise of hypothetical risk of HIV and STD transmission to gamete recipients, a risk that does not reflect the reality of the physical screening and testing processes.

Because of this policy, we must not disclose our homosexuality during the application or interview process. The automatic rejection of all Gay applicants suggests a systematized eugenic motive. To combat this planned genocide, we must reproduce ourselves at all costs. There is currently no test to detect Gay DNA, but there may be soon. At that point clinics will likely screen and eliminate applicants on the fallacious assumption that Gay DNA is bad DNA. We must act before this becomes possible.

The desire of heterosexual couples for heterosexual children is misguided. Because these prospective parents are blinded by fear and ignorance, they can not recognize the many advantages and talents that a Gay child will posses. In spite of their ignorance, their socio-economic position in mainstream culture makes them ideal parents for our homosexual offspring. Due to the considerable expense of these procedures, the clients of these egg and sperm donation facilities are generally upwardly mobile. These hopeful breeders will invest a great deal of money, time, emotion, and preparation into the creation of their children. As a result, there is an increased likelihood that their children will receive the highest standard of care and education, as well as the many other advantages of wealth.

We must all do our part. We must apply to gamete donor programs as heterosexual applicants. We must present all of the desirable qualities that they long for. Affirming their misguided desire for straight offspring is the only way to insure our genetic survival. In this environment, these future Gay members will still develop in our image, not in theirs.

Follow the instructions we provide. Proceed through the application process as we advise, and a new generation will be created. Use our database to find an egg or sperm donation program near you - there are hundreds nationwide. Thousands of us have already succeeded in donation. We have done our part to insure a gay future, so must you.

The very survival of our race depends upon your quick action. Don't let your Gay DNA get left behind! Apply Now!